Oil pressure warning at 2800 rpm, 1988 90Q

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Thu Oct 8 12:01:10 PDT 2009

Step 1 - NEVER ignore an oil warning light.

Now that i have said that. The 2800 rpm is a give-away.
Your oil pressure warning system is based on two sensors that must be in 
OFten when one goes out of calibration, they fail at certain 
frequencies. It happened to me twice.

So the good news is i will asume you only have a sensor failure.

You can check that oil is in fact circulating by pulling the oil cap and 

Then wipe off your face :-)


radek at istar.ca wrote:
> Hi everyone;
> After changing the clutch (and a few other things) on the 90Q, I took  
> the car on the road for a test drive.  It gives me a loud beep and a  
> flashing oil pressure symbol every time I exceed 2800 rpm or so.  The  
> light stays on as long as I keep it above 2800, disappears only if the  
> engine slows down.
> My understanding is that there is a low and a high pressure sensor on  
> the car, but looking at the engine block I only see one, brown.  Is  
> the pressure sender (the big barrel) acting as the high pressure  
> sensor?  It's disconnected right now, actually the terminals broke off  
> due to rust, awaits fixing.
> I would greatly appreciate some sort of reassurance that it's the  
> sensor, rather than actual low oil pressure!
> Thanks!
> Radek
> 88 90Q
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