ABS light and Vagcom scanner

victor norman victor.norman at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 15 13:23:39 PDT 2009

Thanks for all the replies guys - really appreciate them.

These are the symptoms I get. The warning lights (plus three beeps) occasionally come on as I am driving - without me touching the brake. Often the lights will go off sometime later, again without me touching the brake. When they do go off I hear/feel a couple of pulses from the ABS. If the lights are on when I eventually stop and turn off the ignition they may or may not still be on next time I start the car. 
I have a Audi-specific scanner on order which should enable me to read any codes that are being set. Checking the Internet, there seems to be plenty of shops that make a living out of rebuilding ABS systems. Anyone have any experience with any of them?

Thanks again.

Vic Norman.

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