4kq input shaft pilot bearing

Jan Pinkowish jpinkowish at comcast.net
Fri Oct 16 13:16:08 PDT 2009

So, since I have the cylinder head off the mighty JT, and the front subframe and entire front suspension are also out , I decided to lose my clutch virginity. 

The original clutch has 270k and right at the rivets.  Glad I removed it.  No scoring of the flywheel. 

I have some questions about the new aftermarket pilot bearing: 

--The new bearing fits loose on the input shaft.  Is this normal ?  The old bearing rol lers are munged, so I can't compar e.  The input shaft end measures 17.94mm. 

--The old bearing shell has a lip on both ends.  The new bearing is lipped only on one end.  I assume that I install the bearing with the lip facing out towards the rear of the car, yes? 

--I know that I slightly lube the bearing shell lip when I install it.  Do I also lightly lube the end of the input shaft? 

Looks like t he original INA bearing has a plastic seal on the end facing out(to keep out the clutch dust).  The replacements Kolb does not. 



Jan Pinkowish 

'85 4ksq

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