20 valve head on a MC

Gerard gerard at 2226.co.za
Sun Oct 18 03:43:19 PDT 2009

When I looked into this I realised to get the compression right I'd need 
pistons as well. The pin size is different on MC and the 20V pistons, so 
rods need to go from th 136mm to the 144mm items. On the rods, the 
journal size is different and you'd need a crank from the N/A 10V or the 
20V engines. This left me with just the block left from the MC.

Mark Rutherford wrote:
> I should have specified.  Looking at a 7A head on a MC.  I just purchased a
> 91 coupe Quattro, and I have a complete MC in the garage on a engine stand.
> I would like to have more power in the coupe.  Any suggestions?
> Mark

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