camshaft oil seal plus belt tracking

Peter Golledge petergolledge at
Sun Oct 18 16:02:19 PDT 2009

I'd check the position of the crank pulley and the condition of the rubber
"damper" part of it.  This being out of "alignment" is the only thing I can
think of which will caused the belt to track that way.

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Thanks, Tony.  Got it in with that tool and a longer bolt.  Not good at 
hammering straight, so using the bolt to pull it in works more 
comfortably for me.

Now I have a tracking problem with the belt:  It wants to run to the 
outside of the camshaft and water pump pulleys so it sticks out maybe 
3-3.5mm as measured from the camshaft pulley outside surface.  I can 
line it up and wind the engine over a half dozen times with a wrench and 
it works its way out about that far.  I tried putting on the plastic 
upper cover, to see if it would rub that way, and it DOES rub, but the 
cover pushes it back into alignment on the  camshaft pulley.

It's a Conti belt.   Is this just wear-in stuff?  Will it stretch and 
straighten out eventually?  Belt has been wound up in its original box 
for a couple years.

Tony Hoffman wrote:
> I always use a socket that lines up with the outside diameter of the
> seal. Done hunderds (if not thousands) this way, always with great
> results. Just carefully hold the seal and socket square with the
> surface when first hammering it in. You can also use grease on the
> outside, to aid it sliding in.
> However, if you want to use the tool, a longer bolt will work for it.
> I know the tool you are talking about, I have one specific for doing
> the rear crank seal on an air cooled VW engine. Works pretty well, but
> for the smaller seals I like the socket way much better.
> Tony

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