VAGcom Wanted

Richard Beels rbeels at
Wed Oct 21 22:51:14 PDT 2009

I'm thinking of selling mine.   I sold me newer Audis and the only 
car I have that it still works on is a 99 Jetta and it tells precious 
little for that vehicle.  :-(

It's an older serial port version: the key-com interface and I have 
it loaded on a Thinkpad.  The interface still works with the current 
software and acts as a dongle so it self-registers the software. I 
haven't used it in about a year or so (when I sold the A4). I'd, of 
course, fire it up before I sold it to make sure it still works.

No idea what these sell for used.  If I sell it, I'd sell the whole 
bundle: adapter, thinkpad, power cord, batteries, laptop carrying case, etc...

Let me know if you're interested...

At 10-21-2009 at 16:37, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Douglas 
Fifield's keyboard and said:
>We have a need for a VAGcom in Duluth, MN.  Anyone in the area have
>one that they could share?  Or, does anyone out there have one they
>would like to sell?
>We would appreciate hearing from you.


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