Unintended acceleration

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As far as the pump, unfortunately, not allowed in the rules, and the penalty
if caught (either by teardown or inspection) is a 1 yr ban for the first
offense, permanent for the 2nd.

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> Do you know that even the recent cars still use the exact same vacuum pump
> that we have on our urQ, 5K turbo cars ? In 2005, while I was at Renault,
> these Bosch-made pumps were everywhere under the hood of many diesel cars
> to
> produce the vacuum needed for the brake boosters.
> Could be a cheap way to implement this setup on an auto-x car... You can
> even let it in the same place, and "cheat" the routing if it is not
> permitted.
> Did I say "cheating "? Must be Flavio's influence, we were both at Renault
> at the same period...
> Louis-Alain
> -----Message d'origine-----
>  Would SCCA et al permit you to either add a vacuum pump or add a
> larger vacuum reservoir?
> http://www.summitracing.com/parts/SUM-G1461/
> Googling "vacuum assist" and "autox" turns up loads upon loads of hits
> about this from owners of many different car models.
> -B

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