Source for new 36 mm rear calipers?

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Peter, you don't happen to have a video or somethin' of that LT1Q ? It seems
very interesting...


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The huge cast iron anchor in the front of the LT-1Q means that yes, the rear
brakes are putting in maybe 10% of the braking.  J  Dupree (who built the
beast) found that the Audi ABS didn't like the configuration so it got
deleted.  The bonus is that now you can get the rear to rotate much like a
RWD car. ;-)


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Not sure how the chassis balance is on the LT1Q, but with the same brake
set-up (okay, the S6 rears are sized like T44TQA rotors) on the S6, there is
significant dive, the rear gets unnervingly light BUT ABS rarely activates
while the car is decelerating at a relatively wicked rate. That would imply
that the brake bias is pretty well spot on, which, IMHO opinion means there
should be essentially NO pressure to the rears... ;-)

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Peter Golledge <petergolledge at>

I'd second the vote for using the 38MM units.  I doubt you will notice.
Worst case if you don't like the result put a proportioning valve into the
line so that you can manually adjust want you want.

The LT-1Q is running with Twin Turbo Big Reds up front and regular Type 44
rear calipers, it NEEDS a proportioning valve ;-)

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Did the proportioning valve change at the same time?

I doubt that the braking changed much with that small of a change. Just
changing to a different friction compound would likely make more of a

My vote? Run those 38 mm calipers.

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 8:28 PM, Radek <radek at> wrote:

> Thanks to all who replied and tried to help.  The final conclusion:  36 mm
> rear calipers are out of production and no longer available from
> vendors (available from the stealer for about $500 a piece though).
> I am now facing a choice:  getting a remanufactured 36 mm caliper with all
> the associated headaches (it will probably start seizing by the end of
> winter) or getting two brand new 38 mm calipers for the rear (those are
> available).  Will 38 mm give me too much braking power at the back?
>  Starting at VIN J-240,000 cars were equipped with those as standard and,
> according to Family Album, front brakes remained the same.  BTW, ABS does
> not work.  Any opinions?
> Thanks.
> Radek
> 88 90Q
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