The S6 rack replacement from hell... resolved

Peter Golledge petergolledge at
Wed Sep 2 21:55:47 PDT 2009

So the story of the magical steering column which wont retract was resolved
without tearing apart the trim around the steering column.  The offending
item was.. Key out of the ignition!  The interesting part is that without
the key in the lock the steering column slips down/forward and spins freely
but won't go backup up/back far enough.  Put the key in and move to the run
position and voila the column moves back nicely.  What a freaking design
from team "door handle".


So with the banjo bolts in the correct places the rack is working nicely.  I
did splice in the filter Jorgen supplied to the low pressure return line
pretty neat setup.  I need to do this on my other Audi hydraulic systems
when I flush them next!


I'm almost done cleaning the interior, lots of kitty litter, vacuuming and
next up some simple green and water.


Now on to getting my 930 EFI project complete. it is almost like the Audi
can sense competition in the garage. J

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