[s-cars] '91 VW Vanagon with an Audi 20V turbo

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 8 06:22:31 PDT 2009

> agree why not start with a syncro van though...also too bad about  
> the 4
> speed (but maybe there's a tech issue with the Van 5 speed and the  
> 5I block
> swap, I don't know)

My understanding is that the syncro gearbox is too long and the I5 won't
The 1992 on Zuid Afrika T25 Microbusses were 5 cyl (inc the 2.6 5cyl
designed speci to propel families fat yarpies to Bokke games) for RWD and
kept the wasseboxer for the syncros. Looks like the guy has borrowed heavily
from the South African body parts catalogue and like the Microbusses, has
had to raise the engine hatch cover a bit. 

I put an I4 1.8 Digifant GTI engine in a T25 2.1 using an I4 1.6 diesel
builders van for the bellhousing, mountings, clutch, sump etc and it was
pretty easy.

I looked at putting a t25 5 speed in my 1975 T2 westy (with a k-jet T4 / 914
engine) and couldn't find a good one! IMHO their tendency to go "POP!" way
before the 4 speeders may be a legitimate excuse in this case!   


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