2.0FSI woes

john at westcoastgarage.net john at westcoastgarage.net
Wed Sep 9 13:43:59 PDT 2009

Anyone here familiar with the 2.0FSI engine?  Or maybe someone can refer 
me to a knowledgeable person elsewhere that can help me.  2006 A4 
"S-line" 2.0FSI.  I have one here in the shop with ONE bent valve and a 
melted intake runner.  It's gonna end up as an extended service 
agreement deal (AKA "aftermarket warranty") and I want to have all my 
ducks in a row before I start the claim .............  Second one for us 
here.  The first was a downshift over-rev with the lobe one intake valve 
pushed about 20 degrees off center.  TIA, John

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