1984 4k - no start

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Hi - back to the 4k now that the S6 is running well.


The DPR - are you suggesting opening it up and cleaning it? Just want to
be sure before I do since ETKA doesn't have an exploded view of the




Vittorio -


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Test the Hall sender with a VOM - you should see it go ~4V to < .5 V as
it goes in and out of window.  Ref. Bently for procedure.  You may have
compound problem, so get spark first.

If the DPR (differential pressure Regulator) is dirty/cruddy/rusty, it
will create a blockage and no start.  You can remove for cleaning. Get
DPR O-ring kit from dealer.  A light cleaning with very fine emory paper
800 grit or higher may help.  Clear any blockage in port orfices with
carb cleaner ( wear safety glasses).

O2 sensor! Will cause poor running as you describe and even stall the
car, but usually problem happens after engine is warm and goes into
closed loop.

Rule out Fuel Pump relay by jumpering  - can use orange relay to simply
have fuel pump turn on constant with key. - use for diagnostics only.


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So, has new wires, rotor, cap, plugs - was running fine - then about a
week ago, while driving it - it just stopped running.

I cleaned the contacts on the coil - started again, but wasn't running
well. Almost as if it was running on 4 cyl (it is a quattro 5cyl :-)). I
was trying to diagnose by pulling one sparkplug at a time while it was
running, not much change when I did so - consistently for all 5 plug

Pulled the plug on the temp sensor in the rear of the head - no diff. 

Pulled the plug on the sensor that is on the fuel distributor - no diff.

This morning - no start... 

No spark. 

I'm thinking hall sensor?? 
Vittorio -] 

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