Still have low freq vibration (95 A6Q)

Grant Lenahan glenahan at
Tue Sep 22 11:10:46 PDT 2009

Am i confusing threads?

I thought, when pressed, he said this was a noise, not unlike bad tires.


thejimrose wrote:
> collapsed rear diff bushings?  the one in my a4 clunks like crazy on
> aggressive shifts. assuming the a6 has a similar mounting deal, you
> might be metal on metal on the front diff mount. that might cause such
> a noise.
> might also be collapsed rear suspension bushing? heck even the exhaust
> might cause that if it was rubbing / knocking on something. although
> the noise seems to be more consistent than if it were caused by metal
> on metal rubbing..
> my first thought was CSB, if you had the cv done maybe the part is
> flawed? maybe the propshaft lost balance [dropped, weights fell
> off..], if nothing external is wrong then i would suspect something in
> the rear diff..
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