CIS-E3 problems - temperature sensor?

Eyvind E. Spangen espangen at
Fri Sep 25 15:26:36 PDT 2009


I have a problem with a CIS-E3 equipped car.

Problem is - it won't run with the temperature sensor and the DPR plugged in
at the same time. I have tried replacing the temperature sensor 3 times, but
same happens every time. When I plug it in, the engine stalls. If I
disconnect the temperature sensor, it will run with the DPR connected, but
will be very hard to start when cold and warm (but below operating

What could be wrong? I even bought the last temperature sensor at the
dealer, it should really be right. Sounds weird that 3 different, new ones
should be faulty..

Somebody had messed with the mixture adjustment to cover up something else -
CO was around 7% (!!) and I had to turn the adjustment screw about two turns
CCW. Now it seems about right, but I suspect the O2 sensor is bad -
replacement due for tomorrow. I just don't want to install a new O2 sensor
when I'm not sure about the rest working ok, and I really can't understand
this case with the engine temperature sensor..

Installing a new O2 sensor and using the mA range to adjust the mixture
according to the DPR current while having the temperature sensor unplugged
will probably make it right, but won't solve why the car just stumbles and
dies with the sensor plugged in..

Winter is approaching, it would have been great to have a car that will
start, run and idle properly, give good fuel economy and pass the emissions
test.. ;)

The car in question is an Audi A6 2.0 16V, euro-only, it's more or less the
engine of the early 90s VW Golf GTI with CIS-E/CIS-E3 fitted into an A6, so
all troubleshooting tips that apply to other CIS-E/CIS-E3 cars apply here


- E. Spangen

Eyvind E. Spangen

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