CIS-E3 problems - temperature sensor?

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Sep 26 11:29:52 PDT 2009

The (fuel) ECU in my '89 90Q went bad a few years back, it never went 

Eyvind E. Spangen wrote:
> Hi!
> That's my experience too, but I'm really starting to wonder what could be
> wrong here. Connecting a working temperature sensor messes everything up and
> makes the DPR current way off - even with O2 sensor disconnected. I thought
> the DPR current with O2 sensor disconnected just followed a ECU map based on
> air flow and idle/full throttle switch? Kinda like a "limp-home-mode". The
> way the car acts with the temperature sensor and DPR connected wouldn't even
> make it able to limp out of my garage.. :P
> But thanks for your advice! :)
> 2009/9/26 Robert Myers <bob at>
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>> Eyvind,
>> IME, unless the ECU has spent at least some portion of its life submerged
>> in a puddle of water they just about do not fail.  That would be just about
>> the last thing I would look at while searching for a solution to a problem.
>> Bob

Huw Powell

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