91 100 CSI-E III...stalling hot

John Gourley azaudi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 08:01:36 PDT 2009

For anyone that has or has had an Audi with CSI-E III NF
engine..........been fighting a problem with the wife's 91 100 FWD.  When
the ambient temp gets to 98-100 degrees or more, the problem can happen.  I
take a 50 mile drive on the freeway to Tucson,AZ....runs fine...then during
the course of stop and go driving around Tucson, it sometimes acts up.  I
get a slight two or three jerks and the engine shuts down.  Jerks might be
too strong a description, the passenger won't even feel it.  Feels like the
fuel is shutting down.  So I sit parked on the side of the road for maybe 15
minutes.........then starts right up and may run fine for another 20 minutes
of stop and go driving then shuts down again.  Yesterday was about 100
degrees in Tucson...it happened.  So we found a restaurant, had a long lunch
and one hour later took off fine.  Drove 10-15 miles of stop and go driving,
got onto the freeway and headed the 50 miles home.  It ran fine.  The longer
I let it cool down the more miles I can probably drive before shutting down

Something is warming up and shutting off, causing the problem AND if ambient
stays under 95 degrees there is no problem.  Seems to take a combination of
an hour or so of highway driving and then city stop and go.

Has anyone ever had the fuel distributor cause such a shutting down
problem.  I know a dirty or otherwise bad fuel distributor can certainly
make for poor running...but can it actually shut down an engine?   I've
never seen that happen but I haven't seen it all!

I mention the fuel distributor because most other parts are new.  New fuel
pump, new pump check valve, new accumulator, new fuel pressure regulator,
new injectors, new temp sensors (both of them) new oxy sensor, new fuel pump
relay, new cold start valve

Wish this car ran as good as my old reliable 89 200 TQ avant!

thanks for any ideas or suggestions

John Gourley

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