low volts, not charging '90 200

Nick Lawrence nick at beol.net
Wed Sep 30 12:48:07 PDT 2009

No alternator light came on, the battery light in the warning system came on.    I shut off as many electric consumers as I could, turned off and restarted three times, drove about 10 miles.
I got a spare battery to drive home on!

And regarding the splice, I know it was ther on 5k cars, I looked for it once on my car and didn't see the splice. Can anyone confirm that it is fact on '89, '90, '91 cars?
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  Did the alternator light come on? Even if it didn't, the alternator is a good first place to look. Also, there's a splice in the harness near the passenger's left foot that can go high resistance, and cause a problem like this.

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    '90 200 tqa,  while driving this morning my volts went very low.  On the analog guage, below the 12v mark, and 10+ - on the climate control read-out.
     Measured volts with a Digital Fluke Meter at the cigarette lighter and at the battery read about 1v higher, almost 12v.
    Revving the engine doesn't seem to produce charge.
    Another obsevation, in the instrument cluster the water temp, oil temp and fule guage were reading noticibly lower than normal.
    My direction is to look at the alternator first.  Any other BTDT will be appreciated.
    Nick   central Ohio
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