Which Antifreeze to use?

Dave Fain kf21857 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 15:57:25 PDT 2011

My local VW dealer also told me that the blue stuff had been discontinued
and advised me to flush the system well and convert to the pink stuff,
which costs about the same.
Just a suggestion, while you are flushing the system, unscrew the oil
filter and disassemble the oil cooler.  If the O ring between the 2 halves
hasn't blown yet, it will eventually. It's a $5 part.  I decided to flush
out the water passages in the oil cooler and was horrified at the amount of
black crud I was able to dislodge by putting a bit of water in it, shaking
it and flushing it.  Repeat about 10 times until the water is clear.  Not
surprisingly, I now have a lot more oil pressure because the oil cooler is
actually doing something.  I think pretty much all water cooled VW's and
probably many Audis have the same oil cooler.

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