Axel shaft removal

Al streichea001 at
Mon Nov 7 08:10:07 PST 2011

Thanks Grant. Yes, I have a Bentley, best investment I ever made. However 
when Bentley shows a tool, that I don't have, then I worry.
The "other" things are pretty easy, as I did that not too long ago when I 
replaced bushings and tie-rod ends and brake/rotors. Is it a "must" to 
replace the axel bolt with a new one? Not a problem if it is.

Again thanks to all who have helped me in the past. This "little" forum is 
fantastic, like friends in far away places.

'90 80 non-Q

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I think you need a how-to.  You remove the axel bolt and it pulls out 
easily. but often, model dependent, other things must be dis-assembled 

Do you have bentley?  Else search for step by step.

On Nov 7, 2011, at 1:02 AM, Al wrote:

> I have a torn CV boot and want to change the cv driveshaft. How much 
> trouble is it to remove the splined shaft from the hub? Can I back out the 
> bolt that’s holding the shaft some, and hit it with a hammer? Or is there 
> a puller/pusher that can be rented?
> BTW put the oil pan on hold until I can build a frame to hold the engine 
> up, so I can drop the sub-frame.
> Thanks,
> Al
> ‘90 80 non-Q
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