'99 A8 fuel pump

Britt Crowell britt at BrittCrowell.com
Tue Nov 8 07:38:42 PST 2011

It's a ~$200 pump from eBay Europe source.
Make sure its got the extra nipple on the pickup.

$230 with shipping.
This is the same place I got mine.
Should be good for all A/S8 D2 from 97-03

Replacement is very well documented at QuattroWorld
My Photos of pump: 

Other Good links of video and other pics:

Easy removal and replacement of pump.
Instillation of the assy. Can be tricky. 
If not installed correctly, the motor will run out of gas with more than
a 1/4 tank left.

I don't believe the if run dry, mess up the pump, thing a bit!
Or all the people that didn't get the assy. installed right the first,
second or 3rd time, would have ruined their new pumps by the time that
they got the assy. installed correctly. Lots of electric motors (most
all) run just fine without gasoline lubrication. If anything, in my
opinion the gas keeps the commutator and brushes too clean and
accelerates wear, as the carbon dust from the brushes acts as somewhat
of a lube in normal DC motors and is arguably a better lube than

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From: Dave Eaton <dave.eaton at clear.net.nz>
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assuming the a8 is not a my2000, the part number is "4d0 298 087b", the
original part has been discontinued.  the part is actually a complete
(etka calls it an "installation set") which will include whole lot of
things you don't really need.

a quick look around and i see
the part for $845.  wow.

what a trawl through audiworld tells me is that the part is a vdo one.
you could try part number 18095 02278.

or try partsvoice.com

there will be "suitable" replacements from other vehicles but iirc the
early a8 has a saddle tank and only 1 pump, and the pump sits in a bath
fuel, which must be sealed for the pump to work or the pump is not
(by the fuel).  if the seal isn't working, the pump will run dry. a bit
that and the pump will fail.  any replacement needs to fit correctly,
particularly the seal.

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On 8/11/11 4:04 PM, "dgraber460 at aol.com" wrote:

>I have a friend that has been quoted $900 plus labor for a fuel pump
>his 99 A8. The car has ~180k miles and he is thinking about just
>I would like to at least help him try to sell a _running_ car. Is there
>anything exotic about these compared to the other large chassis cars.
>What's so super secret, super duper, super expensive on these baby's?

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