nac.. thinking of jumping ship

thejimrose thejimrose at
Sun Nov 13 21:52:19 PST 2011

hey all - looking for a replacement for the b7a4 [2.0tq manual sedan] and
having a heck of a time narrowing it down. really want a wagon, awd is
great. ruled out the v8 cars [mpg], the allroad [c5 chassis + 2.7tt = mega
repair bills].

leaning toward an 05ish legacy gt. seems most are automatic. anyone know
anything to watch out for on these? my trolling of the suby forums hasn't
yielded much. cars seem sound.

impreza is a bit small, i really like the forester but they're really hard
to find in a manual [had 2 cars snagged from me this week].


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