Axel shaft removal

Peter Golledge petergolledge at
Mon Nov 14 06:25:21 PST 2011

Heat is your friend... Mapp gas or Propane touch.  Heat cycling 
fasteners along with a good penetrating oil make the impossible happen. :-)

Now when I get something which has locktite on it or seems stubborn I 
break out the torch _first_ so I don't have to deal with stripped 
fasteners.  If really have to heat a lot it toss the fastener as you 
have ruined the temper.

The final resort:

1.  Jam a cheap allen/torx bit in there
2.  Weld the bit in.  The extreme heat of welding does the work here... 
and hopefully leaves you will something to get some torque on.

The last resort:  Dremel off the head, once the tension is off and the 
CV out vice grips should get it.

On 11/13/2011 10:42 PM, Dave C wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> Could you explain ...  " ... you might want a 3/8" drive 12mm 12 point to
> hammer around them if they strip ... " ?
> Do you mean a 12 mm socket hammered on to the outer circumference of the
> head of the triple square bolt?
> I have stripped triple squares on my car and was trying to think of a way
> to get them out.  My idea was to saw the heads off and then try unscrewing
> tehm with vise grips ...  but it sounds like a doubtful plan.  I'm
> interested to know what others have found to work.
> thanks
> Dave C
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