quattro Digest, Vol 97, Issue 18

Tihol Tiholov t.tiholov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 14:17:26 PST 2011

> > 3) Are the HID ballasts 55w or 35w?  I can't seem to find the answer
> > online.  One of my bulbs has dropped in color temp (gotten warmer, more
> > towards 3500-4000K instead of the 5,000K like the other one) and flickers
> > out more often than not.  I can usually get the light to come back on by
> > flicking my switch on and off, but only the AudiGods know how long the
> bulb
> > will stay on after that.  Occasionally the other one will go out, too,
> but
> > not as often.

You may need new bulbs, not ballasts. If the bulbs come on, the ballasts
must be doing their job.

> 4) I've noticed when decelerating lately that I will occasionally get a
> > shudder through the drivetrain, almost like it binds for a second and
> > releases.  Could this be the EDL screwing up because of a faulty ABS
> > sensor, or is that indicative of tranny problems?  I know the torque
> > converter lockup issue at low rpms and steady speed is telling me I need
> a
> > fluid and filter service (at least from what my research has told me),
> but
> > I haven't heard of the driveline jolt while decelerating.

Propshaft CV joint?

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