quattro Digest, Vol 97, Issue 22

Unka Bart gatorojo at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 19 12:51:39 PST 2011

HI Guys,

I"ve been pretty busy arranging my affairs, so I"ve not followed this closely.

That said, Scott is one of the REALLY good guys, and I'll gladly spring for $20.  I'd do more if I could, but I'm afraid that I can't.  My thanks to whomever started this thread.

Where do I sent the check?

and, does anyone here have any interest in purchasing my '11 Touareg Sport TDI (Base model, but yummy anyway. It's got BT, nav, dual-range AWD {quattro system, not Haldex) and is Toffee Brown Metallic with cornsilk beige over Brown VWTex)  11,820 this min, but I plan to put 1500 miles on it next weekend.  I'm getting 22-23 in town and 34+ on Hwy trips.

Open to offers, no Audi trades (closest dealer is Mobile, over a hour away). 

Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart

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> Put me down for $20.00 US.
> SJM has done more for my Audi experience than any techie.  We have owned
> nine various 5000TQ's and 4000Qs over the years and have done all of the
> maintenance / repair work ourselves.
> Dr. Ian McArthur
> Alberta Canada

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