type 44 (200QA) just won't stop :-( The braking is fine. The breaking is not....

Peter Golledge petergolledge at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 12:15:23 PST 2011

I used a set of Metric-AN adapters, a couple of lines made at home with weatherhead fitting you assemble onto
industrial hose (screw compression type).  Mounted a bigger cooler behind the wheel-well liner which I "louvered" with a dremel.

Still going 12 years later.

On 11/28/2011 7:14 PM, David Michael wrote:
> Kent
> Thanks for the reply. I like your idea of using aftermarket. I may still
> check out getting AN10 fittings welded to the old cooler to replace the
> bosses that tore off, but more likely will go with something similar to
> what you did. But I'd like to use AN fittings instead of worm clamps. I
> think this will fit nicely using the original bracket:
> http://www.racerpartswholesale.com/product/2554/TRU_Cool_Oil_Coolers
> The core is 2 3/4 tall and the width, with bracket, is 4. Both of which are
> about 1/2" bigger than OEM. I still need to make a few msrmts to verify.
> Its not quite as cost effective as the kit with hose clamps, but as you
> said, those things come loose....
> I'll post what I decide on.....
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