Rust Buster that seems to work

Wed Nov 30 16:10:43 PST 2011


Re: Rust Buster that seems to work

Now (grunt, grunt).... Now THAT is a man's cocktail!

I've  heard this before and keep meaning to try it.  Will it penetrate via 
spray,  or is dipping the only option?

Mark Rosenkrantz

Mark, being familiar with acetone's properties, I didn't try  spraying. In 
the world of chemistry, I am water. In any case, the article I read  
indicated that mixing with tranny fluid reduced the speed of evaporation of the  
acetone. That seemed to be the case. I did cheat, to soak, I placed it in one 
of  those covered trash cans required for flammable waste (oily rags). Lack 
of  circulation may have reduced evaporation. A lot of materials react 
poorly with  acetone, for soaking, I would use a glass or metal container.
Because of some uncertainty about what froze the latches, I am going  to 
try again with something I am certain is rust. The writer of the article I  
read used identical nuts and bolts which he had corroded equaly.

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