2001 CEL Codes - How To?

Mark Rosenkrantz speedracer.mark at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 17:06:50 PST 2012

To diagnose you'll need a VAG-COM to do the output tests.  All of the
hosing and wiring was disturbed during the engine swap, so that would be
the first place to look.  The pumps, valves, and hoses themselves are
usually the culprits, in that order... but sometimes just a cleaning of the
connections, some grease and reseal is all that is required.  My personal
theory is; As the pumps wear, they become less efficient and therefore more
suseptible to small leaks at the connections, causing the insuffcient
flow.  Not that long ago, I mis-diagnosed a customer's S4 with this issue.
I had the intake manifold off about 4000 miles prior to do the after run
cooland pump.  The air pump was noisy, so definately failing... but long
story short, I found a suspect connection once I got the pump out.  I had
him return the new, $350.00-ish pump as his money was tight.  Eventually it
will need replaced, but I saved him some money now, by being honest.  =)

Mark Rosenkrantz
Binghamton, NY

On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 5:56 PM, Douglas Fifield
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> Gents and Gentiles,
> My GF has a 2001 A4 1.8 Tip that has had a lot of issues.  Most
> recently had a new short block put in.  Ever since, it has been
> throwing CEL codes that point to "insufficient flow, secondary
> airpump."  Since my UrS6 runs an AAN engine, I am unfamiliar with this
> system.
> So, two questions.  Is there a way on the 2001 A4 to read the codes
> without a VAG tool?  And, two, anyone familiar with the secondary
> airpump system and how it might be addressed?
> All thoughts welcome.
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