[s-cars] 95 S6 Cabin sensor fan location

Peter Golledge petergolledge at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 19:44:16 PST 2012

Many thanks to the folk who provided guidance!

OK got the fan unit replaced, it is behind the instrument cluster right 
above volt meter.  A little painful to remove, getting the rubber hose 
off actually broke the nipple of the old unit.  Had to wire the old unit 
connector onto the SJM replacement and no more squeaking.

Replaced a few more bulbs in the IC while I was at it.

I must be one of the few insane folk maintaining one of these as their 
spouse's daily driver.  I tried to convince her to use the Fubaru WRX so 
I can play in the S6 but got the "not going there" look. :-)


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List folk,

I've got a temp sensor fan which squeals after everything gets warmed 
up. Got a replacement from SJM some time ago.... now I just need to 
figure out how to get to the damn thing. I've got the glove box out to 
check on things but nothing is visible from below.


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