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> So worldpac is just like walmart, home depot and any other big box store
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> Not that this is news to Cody, but CarQuest is a retail front for 
> WorldPac as well, and they can usually get the stuff in a day, 
> sometimes same day, without shipping....if you have one near you.Wylie 
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Actually, Carquest OWNS Worldpac.  That creates issues for me, as they 
(carquest) sell parts retail for about what they'll sell 'em to me for.  
I get 2 Worldpac deliveries a day, with a 6PM and 9:30AM cutoff, and I 
also get UPS NDA deliveries from them with assorted source based 
cutoffs.  I do $5K plus a month, but I think there may be other discount 
criteria, because I know smaller shops that get a better deal than I.  
Nevertheless, they're my main source and I've been doing business with 
them, under one name or another (names changed as they grew) since 
1976.  As with the dealer, many parts are now sourced in China, and the 
quality has suffered.


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