Anybody drive from Denver to Allentown, PA?

Chris Semple chris at
Sat Jan 7 08:25:53 PST 2012

Dang, you mean I just ran out to Spearfish SD and back last week-end and 
missed a free meal? Drat, knew I should've posted up first :)

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> I-80 kind of sucks in Iowa between Iowa City and Des Moines, but probably not the worst you'll see. On a side'll travel past the World's Largest Truck Stop in Walcott, Iowa and about 10 miles before that is my restaurant that is only 4 miles off I-80.  I've bought a five Audi/VWs online and I think I only do it so I can road trip them home! I'll buy your meal if you stop by. Shoot me an email!
> Steve
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> Hi everybody,
> I am going to be driving my "New" Audi (141,000 miles) back to its new home  from Denver to Allentown, PA (50 miles northwest of Phila) this weekend. Weather forecast looks fantastic the whole trip so snow/blizzards are not a factor. Mapquest shows the shorter of the two best routes by about 45 miles to be Interstate 80 which I have taken many times from PA to Indiana but have never taken I 80 further west than that. The other alternative is Interstate 70 which I have never taken out west. Has anybody tried both routes that can opine on how the ride and traffic of I 70&  I 80 measure up? Maximum Speed and Minimal Traffic are the keys I am looking for. Thanks.
> JM

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