Hood seal for 89 200tqa

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sat Jan 7 09:51:58 PST 2012

It was audiwholesaleparts.com and the site seems to be dead now.

In all reality it's not worth buying a used one at all. They are all 20 
years old now. I've tried to pull a "great condition" one off the hood and 
it just fell to bits in my hands. It's this reason that I'm very seriously 
considering moving on from my 5000's at tax return time this year. One (the 
wifes daily driver) is likely to get sold for dirt, one to be crushed, and 
one (my 500hp daily driver) I don't know what to do with because I doubt 
anybody would buy a car so heavily modified. I just fed up with the 
worn/rotted door gaskets and other trim, the self flushing power steering 
systems, and the crappy replacement suspension parts that don't last 1/5th 
as long as the OE parts did.


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Hi Cody--

Thanks for the response. I wasn't able to find a website by that name or
any similar name that came to mind. I perused a number of Canadian sites
and came up with nothing. I guess I'll have to try Shokan and other


On Fri, 06 Jan 2012 05:50:19 -0800, Cody Forbes <cody at 5000tq.com> wrote:

> Last I heard there were 3 shown in inventory on this continent, I think  2 
> were in The Great White North. Website called audipartswarehouse.com  Or 
> something like that was able to find them and a few other things  (like 
> door seals) for me.
> -Cody (mobile)
> On Jan 5, 2012, at 11:29 PM, "Larry Mittell" <lmittell at cox.net> wrote:
>> Hi guys--
>> This is my first post in years, since I've used my 87 5kcstq and my 89 
>> 200tqa pretty lightly for some time. Anyway, anyone know where I can 
>> find a seal (or gasket, if you prefer) for the front edge of the hood  of 
>> a Type 44? The Family Album says its P/N is 443 823 737 C.
>> I've looked high and low and can't find one anywhere.
>> Thanks,
>> Larry Mittell
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