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Hi guys,
I cannot agree with everyone who has stated that they have had great interactions with Chris Semple - nor has the quite a few folks I emailed who I know to verify my/their personal experiences. 
I personally, and at least another half a dozen listers I know have had nothing but BAD experiences dealing with Chris @ Force 5. 
No need to go into grimy details here, but he's just like every other dismantler I have ever run into, and if you think he's out to help the Audi/VW community you are sadly mistaken, he is just like any other single minded businessman - to make money. Period. 
Maybe he has changed his spots recently, but he has be nothing but unreliable on many levels in my experience, so my advice: caveat emptor.
Sorry for the rant, could not let this one cruise by without some input. YMMV of course.
Cheers and Happy New Year,

You guys are absolutely right. Chris is a great guy to deal with

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