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 Thanks Huw:
I laugh reading this lame attempt at discrediting Force5!  Having known Chris personally for 16+ years, some random guy no longer on the list slamming one of the best used parts suppliers we have left, is a joke of the first order.  I also know Chris lost a lot of money working with a v8lister in MA, so I'm surprised he even does business there anymore.  In the meantime, maybe j123fs reading his own post from 2 years ago below, might be good advice to follow?

Right now, the two 'specialists' for hard to find used Audi parts are Shokan and Force 5 (pick one, try the former for perspective).  The three main 'others' with true expertise have fallen by the wayside:  Autosport Unlimited, Bruce at Audiconnection, and AudiOnly =gone.  That said, Chris is not only an expert, but has consistently demonstrated for years to be: An Audi enthusiast.  A flawless record in his 20years of doing business?  I doubt anyone can attain that, mostly because of the internet baseline expectation that price = value.  A quick google search of j123fs own posts on this forum certainly seem to support an attitude:  it's all about the price.  I argue person like that will find very little satisfaction in a successful and long term relationship with any vendor on these forums.

Chris is still around for a reason, and is still very respected in the used parts community, by many of us that have done tens of thousands of dollars in business with Force5 over the years.  I have to chuckle, when I see a poorly worded attempt at a slime.  I will be the first to thank Chris at Force 5 for being there countless times when needed over the last 16+ years...  And never once, taking advantage of me on price or value.  I have to chuckle, when I see a poorly worded attempt at a slime.  Luckily for the rest of the v8 list, Chris will still be around long after j123fs has gone back to lurking. 


Scott J
92 v8 ABT Chipped

On February 27 2009 j123fs at aol.com wrote:

I stand by what I stated to you directly before - the old maxim : 
If you do not have something nice to say, do not say anything at all.


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> As a successful small business person myself I tend to disagree, you
> need to have good customer service and be honest in order to make
> money. If you have had good service from Chris, good for you. I and
> many others have not. Simple as that.

Let the others speak for themselves.  I doubt there is one.

> One of the great things about about free market capitalism is that if
> if someone's service or product is not so good you can vote with your
> feet and dollars and walk away. I and many others have done that with
> Chris.

Let them speak for themselves.


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