BTDT with Calipers?

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Tue Jan 10 18:37:06 PST 2012

No, i have not.

As to the two sets, i will assume they are the ate and the Lucas HP2 (2 piston, 4-pad).  The HP2 is 5 lb lighter per side, and applies more even force across the pads surface.  The offset differs from either the OEM or the ate and i have no clue if they bolt up.

Back to reality.  racing a 2.8? Canyon carving? I doubt it.  Might be easiest to either rebuild the calipers ($20 plus time) or buy quality rebuilts (i like Nu Geon a lot, posted recently with info).

At minimum, check boots for tears, clean well with brake cleaner, work the pistons in and out, and clean, polish and grease the guide pins (dont polish if they are GTG).

OEM works.


Grant Lenahan
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On Jan 10, 2012, at 8:04 PM, TonyEscobedo wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> Here's what I'm interested in doing at the moment. I have a 2000 Audi A6 2.8 with 184,000 miles. Normally this would scare or worry car owners, but this car sounds great. I am the 3rd owner and bought this car in January of 2011. I've changed many parts for new as a preventative/proactive measure and almost always the parts that come off are original! I've worked my way to the front calipers and have sourced 2 sets of calipers. Both sets are from Allroads and in great condition. One set from a 2002 and one from a 2003. Currently, the car has single piston calipers. One set of Allroads are also single piston calipers and the other set are double piston calipers. Both sets of brakes are huge compared to the ones I currently have. I'm looking to replace the rotors because they have seen better days. The pads are also pretty much ready to go. The left caliper's pads are worn much more than the right side and this also has lead me to replace my current calipers.
> Anyone out there already do a job like this? Any thoughts or recommendations as to which Allroad Calipers to use?? 
> Many Thanks,
> Tony
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