(not genuine Audi, but VW content) 2006 2.0TFSI Passat Cat Failure (long)

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Sat Jan 21 12:55:56 PST 2012


I haven't posted in a while, so I will apologize to the admins for this post that isn't strictly Audi.  Since the engine in question is also used on Audi products, and the catalytic converter system is probably similar (using similar components, I assume), I thought I would bring my trouble to our "wailing wall".

I own a 2006 Passat with the 2.0 TFSI "BPY" engine.  While my home is in Atlanta, I have found it necessary to work in Detroit for the last eight months.  I bring that up as the Passat is the car my lovely wife drives every day, and that I am not in a position to observe the situation first hand.

The car has 91K on the odometer; we took delivery on the car new in May of 2006.  We've had a few recalls and extended warranty services done to the car; most notably, the replacement of the four ignition coils (that made a heck of a difference).

On Thursday evening, Sara reported that the car became very noisy (exhaust), lost power and exhaust odor was coming into the passenger compartment.

At my suggestion, she took the car to a Midas shop.  They informed me the downpipe/cat assembly had broken and that they didn't want to deal with it.  Gee, you go to a Midas shop with an exhaust problem and they pass on the job?  What is the world coming to?

She also took it to an independent VW shop.  The owner wasn't in, but he also suggested the dealer.

So this morning, she went to the dealer in suburban Atlanta with the car.  I went to a dealer in suburban Detroit for answers.

Some $1100 later, the car is repaired.  The assembly shown here was replaced (along with a few ancillary items, I haven't seen the receipt yet):


I paid the $100 core charge as I want the evidence.

Officially, there is no warranty.  The emissions warranty stopped at 80K miles; the car has 91K, it is well within the 8 year time window, though.

Supposedly, the can just behind the turbo flange broke apart; I can't wait until I see some photos of this.  I'll post them/e-mail them if anyone wants to see them.

Wife says there was no CEL triggered before the event.  Last CELs were nearly two months ago before the coil packs were replaced.  I changed the oil and drove the car on Tuesday of this week.  It was OK in my book at that time.

My questions are thus:

1)  Anyone had luck getting VW to pay for this sort of failure outside of warranty, even if it is not 100% reimbursed?  Any tips before I contact VW?

2)  Would failing coil packs have triggered the damage to the cat?  I know the engine would have been operating out of tolerance.  Could that be an argument to getting VW to "fess up" to this problem?

3)  Is the "can" closest to the flange a 1st stage catalytic converter?

4)  Bad design from Team Doorhandle or cheap-a$$ed parts sourcing?

your input is desired.

Bill M.
A man of two cities, Atlanta & Detroit

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