5000CS, leaky steering rack

Max Hoepli mhoepli at vif.com
Sun Jan 22 19:38:48 PST 2012

How many kilometers driven with this rack?

I've had rack replaced on 1986 5000CS. If you are to let mechanic change out
rack, let him order the rack. 

1986 type 44 turbo quattro 315,000km

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I've mixed it with Pentosin and Chevron Rykon 32.  Haven't used straight
mineral oil though.


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Sounds like M1 ATF is worth a try.  Any ideas on whether it is mixable 
with Pentosin/Mineral oil.  That is can I just add it in, or do I need 
to drain and flush first?

On 1/22/2012 7:35 PM, Ed Kellock wrote:
> I have used Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF in several of my current older Audis 
> (V8s &  a 200q20v) and have seen a noticeable reduction in leakage.  
> In some cases it has stopped some leaking altogether.  Since you're at 
> the point where it seems terminal, I feel that you may see some 
> improvement and personally I would really like to see if so and how 
> much.  M1 Synth ATF is surely not as cheap as mineral oil, but if it 
> helps slow the leak it must surely be cheaper than Pentosin in the 
> short run and possibly cheaper than rack replacement in the longer 
> run.
> Ed

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