What Would You Do First?

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Sun Aug 3 11:58:38 PDT 2014

I absolutely agree. On my 91 TQ 20 V I had the timing belt replaced. The car was running like crap. I checked the timing mark on the flywheel and it was off. I had to take the service manager and tech to show this before they would redo this. Then it was back to running great!

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If you used the crank pulley mark to realign all bets are off, those are 
notorious for being wrong.  Use the flywheel mark, it can't go wrong.

>     - noted that at #1 TDC (visual on flywheel), timing mark on crankshaft
>     pulley did not match timing belt cover exactly when cam sprocket mark
>     matched notch in valve cover, or vice versa
> *90 90Q 20V*
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