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On Aug 9, 2014, at 8:22 PM, "Scott DeWitt" <scotty at advancedautomotion.com> wrote:

> I would wager it is the vacuum reservoir for the diff locks.
> Scott
> On Sat, August 9, 2014 6:16 pm, DeWitt Harrison wrote:
>> While poking around the trunk of my '88 5KCS, in pursuit of space for rear
>> speaker enclosures, I came across a part I could not identify per function
>> or even system. It is of interest not only for the sake of pure science
>> but
>> because I may want to move it and would like to know why it is located
>> where it is.
>> It's a soup can size, hollow black plastic cylinder with one end dome
>> shaped and the other flat with a black rubber vacuum line connected to a
>> nipple. It is mounted to the rear seat bulkhead, by a metal bracket, near
>> the left-rear seat belt reel. The black hose runs forward from there and
>> soon after it is forward of the bulkhead, it transitions to a small
>> diameter (3mm?), rigid, white plastic tube similar to the tubing used in
>> the vacuum controls for the a/c vents, etc.. This tube then runs under the
>> rear seat, toward the car center, to the transmission tunnel at which
>> point
>> it bends frontward again, and runs toward the front of the car, under the
>> carpet along the tunnel. It seems this soup can component could have
>> easily
>> been located under the left passenger seat area.
>> So far, I have not gone to a lot of effort to find out where it goes once
>> it reaches the general vicinity of the center stack of the dashboard.
>> Can't
>> find it in ETKA so far (no part number search in there I'm aware of) in
>> relation to either the central locking system or A/C control. The Audi p/n
>> on the part itself is 049-129-808-A.
>> Major guru points to the person who can identify its function and the
>> rationale for its trunk location!
>> Best,
>> DeWitt
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