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I let the engine turn it on. Have as much of it on as possible and turn the engine by hand to get the last bit into the pulley.
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Almost embarrassed to ask such a basic question...but here goes...

What’s the trick to getting a belt onto and off of the air-conditioner compressor?  Car is 1990 Audi 100, NF, Non-Turbo, Non-Quattro

I recently set out to change all three belts, and for the ac belt, the correct one was listed as 13x915.

With both the hydraulic pump, and the alternator, I was able to loosen them enough that the belts easily slipped on and off.

With the A/C, it was a different story.  The compressor adjusting bolts were loosened and the compressor moved as close to the crankshaft pulley as possible.  It simply couldn’t move any closer as it was up against the oil pan.  

If I wrestle with it hard and long enough, I can get it on and off, but can’t help thinking that there must be an easier way.

As an alternative, could I look at a slightly longer belt?  13x920 or 13x925?

Thanks for any suggestions,
1990 Audi 100, NF, Non-Turbo, Non-Quattro

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