Cannot get any doors open

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Sat Aug 16 18:37:15 PDT 2014

Are you sure that the latches are releasing? Could the lock mechanisms be freezing or the actuating lever have become detatched?

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Subject: Cannot get any doors open

This is probably going to make the stupid issue of the week, but not the
first time for me either.

My C4 S4 tends to sit for a while without much attention and door function
seems to suffer.

I am unable to get any seemingly unlocked door open from the outside. I
think there are three issues that are occurring

1. Two seem to be glued shut by stickyness in the rubber seal area. I think
some prying to get those two open, but I am trying to avoid damage.

2. One seems to have a issue with the latch. The door card is removed so I
can access it in order to service

3. The third seems to be associated with the locking rod, or something
related. The power locks attempt to actuate it but are unable to move it to
the unlock position. I cannot be moved into the unlock position manually

The power locks have always seemed like they are possessed, but it sure
would be nice to get at least one door open.

Thanks, Chris
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