Changing Belts

John Larson viejoloco at
Sat Aug 16 23:45:09 PDT 2014

On 8/15/2014 2:13 PM, Alan Streicher wrote:
> The proper way is to loosen the four nuts inside the outer most 
> pulley. Remove the belt. Watch for any shims up against the back of 
> that pulley.Now you will see the A/C pulley fall apart revealing the 
> two halves, plus a number of shims. Pay attention to how many shims 
> are between the two halves. Remove the two halves and shims. If you 
> were going to replace the inner most belt, you will be able to.
> Now, here is how you put the divided pulley back together. Place the 
> extra shim(s), the on the heavy full pulley, followed by the outer 
> half of pulley, shims that were between the two shim halves, and the 
> back side of the half
> of the pulley. Now slide that assembly into the vibration damper. 
> Attach the four nuts loosely.  Place A/C belt over pulley.
> Place a socket over the large nut that connects to the crankshaft. 
> Slowly turn the crankshaft clockwise while tightening the four nuts in 
> a cross pattern. You will see the A/C split pulley coming together and 
> squeezing the V-belt.
> Repeat until  you can't tighten anymore and the belt is sufficiently 
> tight.  If not tight or too tight, then add or remove spacers
> I hope this helps.
> Al
> 1990 80 non-Q
> Honolulu
I don't recall the 100, or any T44 having that kind of pulley.  I 
believe they have a one piece vibration damper.  Been a few months since 
I last had one apart, though.


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