20v 7A acts like rev limiter is on.

Marco Weibel wemaca at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 14:11:59 PDT 2014

I changed a tired alternator on the 90 quattro the other day and took it for a test drive. I got some temperature (and proper voltage :)) so lets test... I rev it to the redline in 2nd (i use the rev limit sometime so it didn't concern me much,this motor has always been smooth throughout)...
shift to third but it was on and off in a second interval. Seems like ignition cut-out... did not notice unusual smoke either... did not pop or backfire... just on and off with 'normal' power when on.
I eventually stopped, thinking could be the computer or something. Turned off the ignition tried to start... did not. Disconnect the battery to reset and tried to start again but no luck, just cranks. Had to tow it back home.
What you guys think ?

Marco Weibel
'90 90 Q 20V

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