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> What’s the trick to getting a belt onto and off of the air-conditioner
compressor?  Car is 1990
> Audi 100, NF, Non-Turbo, Non-Quattro
> I recently set out to change all three belts, and for the ac belt, the
correct one was listed as
> 13x915.
> With both the hydraulic pump, and the alternator, I was able to loosen
them enough that the
> belts easily slipped on and off.
> With the A/C, it was a different story.  The compressor adjusting bolts
were loosened and the
> compressor moved as close to the crankshaft pulley as possible.  It
simply couldn’t move any > closer as it was up against the oil pan.
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You used the correct belt. The OEM belt, 034 260 849, is described as size
12.5 x 912 La
and if you buy non-OEM you will probably be steered to something like a
CONTITECH 13 x 915. The extra 3 mm may be because the belt is 0.5 mm wider
than OEM.

Either option is tight. I "roll" it on. That is, I put the belt around the
crank pulley and get it
started onto the AC compressor pulley. Then, while holding it in position
with one hand, I turn
the crank pulley with a ratchet on the crank pulley bolt. It rolls right on
with no damage
and, when the belt is tensioned, the adjustment falls about in mid-range.
Roll it off in a
similar manner using some sort of flat bar to force the belt out of the AC
compressor pulley
groove as the pulley is rotated.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5ktq

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