How to Remove Winsheild Washer Reservoir from Type 44

MC einhorn.hofmann at
Wed Oct 7 05:32:19 PDT 2015

Any helpful hints on this?  I consulted the Bentley on this one and
strangely I couldn't find anything.


Mine is leaking and removing it is the first step towards either patching or
replacing it.


After pulling all bolts and screws holding it down, and getting whatever
else I could out of the way (headlight bulb, wires to horn), I just can't
see how to get it out.  It seems that it can't come out through the top
because of a metal body part on the front right.  Yet below, it can't come
out either because there's a plastic air duct that conveys moving air from
the front grille to the oil cooler. 


Any BTDT?  Is it meant to be removed from the top or the bottom?


Any luck patching these reservoirs, and if so, with what?


Finally, the positive battery charging post is mounted on top of the
reservoir.  Is it standard procedure to disconnect the battery when working
on this, or is it good enough to wrap the positive terminal with, say a
rubber glove to prevent accidental contact with any part of the body or


Thanks for any suggestions,



1990 Audi 100, Non-Quattro, Non-Turbo, NF engine



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