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Hell of an idea for those wonderful sun visor clip for the urq's and
4000's. My last replacement set just disintegrated when I shut the door.


'83 urq....and a few others 

On 2015-10-28 19:02, DeWitt Harrison wrote: 

> On my car's sunroof, there are two (L&R) bits of plastic trim, little black
> fin-like pieces roughly 8 1/2" long, which visually hide some of the
> unattractive lifting mechanism bits which would otherwise be seen when the
> rear edge of the sunroof is tipped up. The original parts are "rotten" and
> disintegrating due to heat exposure and age. Although these parts still
> show up on Audi Tradition with pricing, they are, in fact, NLA, as you
> would expect based on Audi's "get lost" philosophy on old cars.
> So I'm casting about for options. One would be that good used ones exist
> somewhere in the world. If anyone has knowledge of such, I would obviously
> love to know. Unfortunately, this parts issue is probably too small
> potatoes to attract the attention of our main go-to guy at Force 5.
> Another might be having the parts 3d printed. The downside there is the
> cost of either having someone generate a CAD drawing or doing a 3d scan and
> then doing the work of correcting the scan file for age-induced
> distortions, cracks and imperfections. This cost could be amortized by
> printing a number of parts if there are other Audi owners with the same
> need. The parts are found on all type 44 sunroofs after a certain date,
> which I do not recall at the moment, and, the Audi Tradition catalog
> suggests, other Audi models of the late 80s and early 90s. The part numbers
> are 321 877 781 and 321 877 782.
> It would be great to hear from any qlisters who have an interest in this
> problem.
> DeWitt Harrison
> '88 5ktq
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