printing NLA parts update

DeWitt Harrison dewitt635 at
Thu Oct 29 14:10:28 PDT 2015

I've communicated with one Denver area supplier of 3d printing services
about the sunroof trim pieces discussed earlier. Lookin' like $300 for a
few copies of the two pieces based on my sketches and several photos.
Apparently, a designer is going to have to draw up the parts in a CAD
program, 3d scanning being insufficiently precise as well as not being all
that cheap either. These could then be printed in black, fiber reinforced

So I'm thinking about trolling the net for possible interested parties.
What car interest sites do you folks figure would harbor enthusiasts of
late 80s, early 90s VW related cars who could conceivably want replacements
for those parts.

OR, are there any CAD operators out there with a little extra time who
would find it fun to get involved?

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5000CS/5ktq

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