[s-cars] Lehmann chips

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 28 22:51:23 EDT 2002

Terry or Karen-
Lehmann is a well-known Audi tuner based in Lichtenstein (or was it
Germany?) who
did a bunch of the Audi Sport engines back when Audi was rallying.

His chipset is very good- very smooth power buildup as opposed to the
much more
"on-off" behavior of the MTM- I've been in both setups and IMHO, the
Lehmann is

HP and torque are pretty much the same for all of the tuners. For the
UrS it is
best to have a 3 bar chipset, but I have found out recently that 3 bar
pressure transducers are pretty much NLA now.

For more details, I would talk to Anderson Motorsports or Hoppen.


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