[s-cars] Nitrogen in tires?

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Mon Apr 29 07:45:08 EDT 2002

Earlier, Bruce Bell wrote:
> It's the moisture content. Dry compressed air works, as RM says, nearly as
> well. The F1 guys like to be spot on pressure.

> Robert Meyers wrote:
> > Charlie Smith wrote:
> >Use of nitrogen in tires is a common practice with racers, because
> >tire pressure is critical for best handling.
> I'm sure you are correct about the practice, Charlie, but air (primarily a
> mixture of 80% N2 & 20% O2) will obey exactly the same gas laws as will
> "pure" N2.

Bruce is probably right on.  Before I wrote the posting about 'how
to fill the tires', I talked to a friend who used to race SCCA FV
and FSV, he won the National Championship at the Atlanta runoffs
in each class a couple times.  He did talk about the nitrogen being
dry without moisture, and that most garage air compressors probably
have water in their tanks from humid air, and thus their compressed
air probably has a high moisture content.

I was trying to keep the posting to less than book length, so I didn't
mention what he said about moisture.

    - Charlie

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