[s-cars] Noisy Dashboard 1992 S4 and LCD Questions

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Sounds like a running change in parts, because I bought the exact
same part number recently and they are the short, hex shaped base
green plastic bulbs, while the ones I pulled out of my cluster are
the taller square shaped base that you describe.

Very interesting.


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> -4) I found out the bulbs fit pretty good however I would take a pair
> of needle nose pliers and crip down the Osram bulb metal contacts a
> little tigher so they fit tighter in the connectors.

I had noticed this as well when I did mine.  I had ordered them from The
Parts Connection but I'm sure they were the same as you got.  As I
hadn't ordered enough, I went to the local dealer and got the OEM bulbs,
p/n 893 919 040A.  These fit perfectly.  Both are made by Osram and the
dealer price was around $2.5 each as I recall.  Both bulbs have a green
base but the Audi ones have a taller, more or less square shape to them,
while the aftermarket ones have a short hex shaped base.  Looking at
them again the other day I noticed the little plastic tab on the base
that preloads the base is a little larger on the tall square base ones.
It looks like the shorter hex based ones that everybody else sells are
for different areas of the IC.

If you're picky and don't want to fuss around with crimping the contacts
to get a good fit, get the bulbs at the dealer.  The price difference is
a piss hole in a snowbank, all things considered.

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