[s-cars] Strut Bearings -- anything else???

konecc at snet.net konecc at snet.net
Thu Aug 8 17:07:04 EDT 2002

While replacing the struts and springs all around, one would be prudent to
replace the strut bearings and mounts.  From the experience of listers
(especially those with high-mileage S4's), what other suspension components
would it be wise to replace to get another 100K miles of tight suspension
on a 90K mile S4?  It's easy to do now once the suspension is apart anyway.

I was thinking of replacing the sway bar mounts and the bushings where they
enter the control arm.  Any thoughts on control arm bushings, ball joints,
tie rod ends, etc.??

-- Rich A.
   '93 S4 (soon to upgrade suspension)

>Got mine from the same source during Dan's GP, http://www.bimmerparts.com
>Bearings I think where around $10 each, and Strut Mounts where $32 each (I
>think, better check...).
>Thanks again Dan!

>http://www.audifans.com/gp.html <http://www.audifans.com/gp.html>
>Cheers, /J.

>>	The only mystery that remains for me is the 10mm spacer and strut
>>	Plenty of discussion on the spacer but I have not seen anything on
>>	bearings.  Anybody have a good source to share?
>>	Regards,
>>	Mark Pollan
>>	95.5 S6

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